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I have registered for a course, what happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email containing essential information such as location, timeline of events, and necessary equipment. 


Can I take courses back-to-back?

Yes. Yet some of the courses are designed to be taken in a systematic sequence. 


Can I take a course out of sequence?

It is preferred that you take a course according to the systematic sequence in order to perfect your performance. 


What exactly are the Skill Builder courses?

These courses will provide an opportunity for you to target specific skills designed to increase perfect reps according to skill level (intermediate, advanced) attained.  These sessions will be coached, somewhat shorter in duration, while allowing for you to maintain, improve, or knock the dust off. 


What if the dates listed for scheduled courses do not work for my personal schedule?

Please contact JOW Tactical Solutions as we will work with your schedule to determine a future date for you to train. JOW Tactical Solutions offers private sessions too.


Is there a waitlist?

Yes. JOW Tactical Solutions recognizes scheduling conflicts occur so by having a waitlist, it is able to fill needed course slots while ensuring proper student to instructor ratios are maintained. In the end, we want you to train. 


What is the instructor to student ratio of a course?

It will be JOW Tactical Solutions intent to maintain a low instructor to student ratio in order to individualize teaching points and increase safety. We also recognize that smaller groups are more agile and able to train more efficiently. 


Who are the instructors?

JOW Tactical Solutions has instructors at the ready who worked in the US Army’s Special Operations. It’s a very select group of professionals who dedicated their lives to shooting, moving, and communicating. Nowadays, they all desire to continue their mission toward training while continuing to give more than they take. 


Additionally, JOW Tactical Solutions utilizes specific individuals who served in law enforcement and civilian organizations. These professionals provide a vast amount of knowledge with specific skills that broadens the instructor pool. 



Can I sponsor JOW Tactical Solutions at my location?

Our home range is Blue Steel Ranges (vicinity Port Huron, Michigan), yet we conduct training courses and events remotely too. Please contact JOW Tactical Solutions to setup the details. 

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