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ABOUT jow tactical solutions

JOW Tactical Solutions is based in Saint Clair County Michigan operating locally or able to come to you. We are energized to provide performance-based training that will assist you in acquiring and expanding your abilities from beginners to advanced. Our philosophy will be to deliver responsible firearm and tactical coaching that displays trust in a process while perfecting the basics.


JOW Tactical Solutions is a value driven training company that delivers opportunities to advance the basics systematically toward purposeful solutions.

jow tactical solutions team


Its owner, Bill Wert, served operationally for over 25 years in the US Army with a majority in the Special Operations Community. 


Trainers and consultants of JOW Tactical Solutions are organized with instructors at the ready who are passionate, resourceful, and committed mentors. All of them have an enthusiasm to serve and problem solve, similar to their professional experiences encountered during realistic situations throughout their operational years within Special Operations and Law Enforcement organizations.    


Blue Steel Ranges:1655 Michigan Ave., Port Huron, Michigan 48060)

Indoor Range (200’ X 70’ area) with an active targeting system, movers, barricades, lighting control system, weapon cleaning area, classroom area, and able to accommodate distances up to 70 yards.

Outdoor Range accommodates distances up to 200 yards and has on site targeting systems with barricades. ** Both of these ranges can accommodate large groups. 


Your Facility,Range, or Area: JOW TACTICAL SOLUTIONS will come to you.

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