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Maximize your full potential with tactical training courses for law enforcement, private security, military, and federal agencies, as well as firearm training for civilian individuals and groups.

our mission

JOW Tactical Solutions is a value driven training company that delivers opportunities to advance the basics systematically toward purposeful solutions.

Shooting Practice


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innovative tactical gear  to solve problems & improve performance.

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tools for monitoring the health & safety for people in custody.

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experienced veterans enhancing the security of our nation.

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st. clair county's premier shooting range & training facility


Blue Steel Ranges (1655 Michigan Ave., Port Huron, Michigan 48060)

Indoor Range (200’ X 70’ area) with an active targeting system, movers, barricades, lighting control system, weapon cleaning area, classroom area, and able to accommodate distances up to 70 yards.

Outdoor Range accommodates distances up to 200 yards and has on site targeting systems with barricades. ** Both of these ranges can accommodate large groups.


Your Facility,Range, or Area: JOW TACTICAL SOLUTIONS will come to you.

Blue Steel
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